Apr 20

Edmonton Celiac Conference and GF Vendor Fair

Speakers for the Edmonton GF Festival

Dr. Sheila Crowe

Professor of Medicine UC at San Diego. President of the American Gastroenterological Association for 2016/17

“What’s the problem with eating wheat-is it the gluten, wheat starch, allergies, the microbiome or something else?”


Laurie Lynn Lyons

A blogger from Calgary who was diagnosed in 2010 and will rant, talk and rave about her Celiac Disease.

“Against the Grain!”


Dr. Connie Switzer

Local expert on Celiac Disease who has diagnosed many of us. A past President of the Professional Advisory Council.

“Celiac Disease a Classic Medical Conundrum!”


Dr. Diane Mager PhD RD

An associate professor of clinical nutrition at the U of A. Is currently pursuing research in regards to the gluten free diet.

“Food for thought: relationship between quality of life and diet. Quality of the gluten free diet in youth with celiac disease!”


Andrew Cowan

Chef at Northern Chicken.

“Allergies and Their Effect on the Chef!”


Lynn, Jerry and Jay Bigam

Owner operators of Kinnikinnick Fresh Foods.

“Kinnikinnick 25 years and onward!”


Sue Newell

Operations Manager for the Canadian Celiac Association

“What’s up at CCA?”

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Sep 28

Free Alberta Healthy Living Program


Did you know that you can book an appointment with a Registered Dietitian through

Alberta Healthy Living Program free of charge. 

All appointments are offered Mon-Fri during the day.

Alberta Health Services also offers one 3-hour session on “Going Gluten-Free

In this session you will learn:

  • What celiac disease is

  • About healthy eating on a gluten-free diet

  • About where to buy gluten-free food, eating out gluten-free and label reading


Who is this Class For?

People diagnosed with celiac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis and their support persons or people who want information on celiac disease.

Classes are facilitated by registered dietitians and registered nurses.


For information and to Register (Mon-Fri 8 am –4 pm)  (403-943-2584)

or online at www.albertahealthservices.ca



May 31

CCA – MAY 2017 Newsletter Now Available!


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Oct 23

Gluten Free Calgary

The Calgary Celiac Association is proud to promote

gfcalgarygfpictureCheck out their website for tips and recommendations for living gluten free in Calgary!
Connecting with people locally and internationally who are living gluten free, sharing recipe ideas and new research from some of our favorite food bloggers, promoting gluten free menu items from local restaurants and of course encouraging more local restaurants to offer gluten free options!



Oct 21

Want to become a Member?

Canadian Celiac Association

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