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2014 National Conference Speaker Presentations


The Calgary Chapter was proud to host the 2014 National Canadian Celiac Association Conference

May 30 – June 1, 2014


Thank-you to all who attended the conference and gluten-free market


To view these presentations please click on the speaker name

Dr. Alessio Fasano, Center for Celiac Research, Boston

“Celiac Disease: Managing, Monitoring & Research”

Dr. Fasano outlines seven key milestones in the journey to understand, diagnose and treat celiac disease.

Dr. Joseph Murray, Minnesota Mayo Clinic

“Celiac Disease – Management Following Diagnosis”

Dr. Murray outlines the management and treatment plan, challenges and follow-up required for the newly diagnosed celiac.  Dangers of non-compliance and length of time to heal once on a gluten-free diet is highlighted.  Non-responsive celiac disease and new treatments in the works are also covered in this presentation.

Diana Mager/Abeer Alzaben, University of Alberta

“Introducing a New Study”

Results of their research study – “Does the GF diet influence quality of life and nutritional intake in children and adolescents” are outlined in this presentation.

Dr. David Hanley, University of Calgary

“Osteoporosis and Celiac Disease”

The basics of bone turnover, osteoporotic fractures and fracture risk calculators are outlined.  Management options for osteoporosis including exercise, vitamin D, bisphosphonate therapy, hormonal therapy, etc. and their applications to Celiac disease are covered in this presentation.

Justine Dowd, PhD Candidate, The University of British Columbia

“Successful Strategies for Living Gluten Free”